Percentage of same sex relationships. Is 10% of the population really gay?.

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Are children of same-sex parents disadvantaged?

Percentage of same sex relationships

The question format for Persons 4 onwards is the same as for Person 3. Table 1:

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Grijalva said about the bill. Department of Health and Human Services oversees 10 of these.

Percentage of same sex relationships

The question format for Persons 4 onwards is the same as for Person 3. Table 1:

Percentage of same sex relationships

Percentage of same sex relationships

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  1. There may also be a stepfamily relationship, meaning that the child or children came into the life of one of the partners before the current couple relationship. This is because people's registered marital status may or may not relate to a person they are living with.

  2. Due to random rounding, counts and percentages may vary slightly between different census products, such as the analytical documents, highlight tables, and data tables.

  3. The names of legal same-sex relationships vary depending on the laws of the land. For example, Debra Umberson at the University of Texas-Austin and colleagues point out that studies on social support and health find that women in different-sex couples tend to provide more of the health-promoting, stress-relieving emotional support to their husbands than men do for their wives.

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