60 year olds and sex. Sex After 60 – What You Need to Know.

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60 year olds and sex

Don't be fooled, though, and don't be disheartened. Will I still enjoy it?

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Studies suggest the opposite is true, and that regular sex can actually reduce your risk of a heart attack. It often becomes most apparent after the death of a partner, with many widows and widowers noting that the nights are the loneliest times. All of this will only make sex more pleasurable.

60 year olds and sex

Don't be fooled, though, and don't be disheartened. Will I still enjoy it?

60 year olds and sex

60 year olds and sex

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  1. Your heart health will improve Forget the rumours about sixty-somethings having heart attacks mid-coitus. What positions work best?

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